Gabrielle & Clint

Hoping to Adopt (Tennessee)


Roll Tide! Clint never misses an Alabama football game! He has been a fan since he was a young boy. Gabrielle married in and loves it!
Pre-Covid, we went to almost every Tennessee Titans home game and hope to go again soon. It is so fun cheering on the team in the stands!
Gabrielle loves sunsets! Clint will always point them out too! We feel God's presence and are in awe of its beauty! This is from our back porch.
If you give us the option of a fancy dinner or pizza.... we will chose PIZZA!!! Our favorites are Five Points Pizza in Nashville and Home Slice in ATX
We love the lake! Summer 2020 was a little different than we expected but we bought a boat!! We spend every weekend we can on the water!
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