Gabrielle & Clint

Hoping to Adopt (Tennessee)


Sledding with Cooper and Chloe
Spending the snow day sledding with our niece and nephew.
Gabrielle & Clint
We hope you enjoy this video and that it allows you to get to know us better and learn more about our family and our adoption journey.
Bear Playing Ball
Bear's two favorite things are snuggling on the couch and playing ball! He will play ball until we make him come inside. The neighborhood kids love to play with Bear. When the weather is nice, they will come to the door and ask if Bear can come out and play!
Made it to Texas!
After our flight from Tennessee to Texas.
2nd Annual Alabama vs Texas A & M Reunion weekend
We have made a pact with our best friends to get together every year for the game! It is always a great time!
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